Following magazines, Instagram influencers, and TV stars, we stopped seeing real beauty, especially in ourselves. A few years ago, I watched the Real Beauty Sketches campaign by Dove and found a great way to find real beauty in ourselves and check our self-esteem.

The Real Beauty Sketches by Dove

In 2013, Dove launched a new campaign within its long-lasting The Real Beauty project. The brand asked a few women to describe themselves to a forensic artist, who had never seen them. Then a few random people also described these women, and the artist drew their portrait one more time. Do you know what these women found at the end? That they are more beautiful than they think! This experiment showed that, more often, we underestimate ourselves and that random people see us differently!

During the first two weeks, around 12 million people have seen the advertising. Currently, video views are close to 70 million, a significant number for the Dove Youtube channel with 147,000 followers only. We can conclude that the interest in the video indicates how serious is the problem with low self-esteem.

Find Your Real Beauty with Bitmoji

A few years ago, when Bitmoji became extremely popular, and people started to create their pictures, I faced the same issue again. I tried to create my own Bitmoji. I carefully chose a nose, a mouth, and a body structure. But in the end, my friends told me that this is not me in the picture. I agreed with them, but I couldn’t understand why. 

Finally, I asked a friend to change my Bitmoji so that I can look more like me. Do you know what I found in the end? That I do not have such a big nose and small eyes as I thought before! Thanks to my friend, I started to look at Bitmoji as I am.

After that situation, I asked a few friends to create their Bitmojis, and then I created Bitmojis for them. And you know what, every time their real facial features were more beautiful than they had thought. 
If you do not have your Bitmoji and, more importantly, if you already have it, I encourage you to save one created by yourself. After that, please ask your friend to create another Bitmoji of you. I swear you will be so surprised at the end!