Yousra has more than five years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s of Accounting from Al Azhar University, Gaza. Upon graduation, she started working at the Youth Empowerment Center (YEC), a local nonprofit that works with international organizations. She worked to develop marginalized communities and empower youth to promote positive change in the society. As a Finance and Administration Manager, Yousra has worked with different international organizations like Oxfam, HelpAge International, and Caritas. Yousra also led strategic efforts and oversaw key operational functions including financial planning, accounts payable, budgeting, payroll, procurement, financial services, treasury, and monitoring the projects and the programs. Yousra has gained hands-on experience in financial management, project management, strategic planning, and capacity building. Yousra believes in the role nonprofits play in addressing the social needs, and she is passionate about the finance and strategic planning in the nonprofit sector.

Host Organization: Enveritas

Role at Host Organization: Yousra will be responsible for ensuring the financial soundness of a social entrepreneurship startup that has been growing rapidly. Reporting directly to the Head of Finance, she will be responsible for bookkeeping, non-profit accounting, contracts and expense management, and accounting systems management.