Wissal has a master degree in 2009 in computer sciences from INPT, an engineering school in Morocco. She has over 8 years of experience in the IT field and works now as an IT project manager. Besides, Wissal is a very active citizen as she loves to volunteer to make a positive impact in her community. She has joined JCI CasaImpact (Junior Chamber International CasaImpact) in 2014, and ever since has occupied various positions and led many social projects. Today she is the Communication Vice President and a mentor to new members. She is a certified JCI trainer and has organized and facilitated many trainings tackling active citizenship, interpersonal skills as well as successful project management. Prior to that, she was a training director in the same NGO. She also was a facilitator in Injaz Al-maghrib, another NGO aiming to inspire and prepare a generation of youth to become business leaders and promising entrepreneurs of tomorrow. She works hard in the youth capacity building and empowerment field because she strongly believes in the power of one person and especially the power of youth, if one has enough motivation and finds the right mentoring, he can change the world. Moreover Wissal is a fan of meditation. She is country coordinator and peace agent at Peace Revolution peace program, and had two training of meditation and mindfulness in Goergia and Thailand.

Host Organization: Microsoft

Role at Microsoft: At Microsoft, Wissal will be a central player in making sure the team closes great deals, that partners achieve milestones in a timely fashion, and key metrics like expansion, revenue projections are met. The Fellow will support the Program Manager and the wider Airband team to evolve global project engagements, partnerships, processes, tools, research, and thought leadership.