Shumaila Mansoor has more than five years of work experience in the development sector with the rural communities in the northern areas of Pakistan. She earned her Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Peshawar in 2011. While managing the Monitoring, Evaluation and Research component of the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme, she contributed in improving the socio-economic conditions of the people through the regular work of the organization which included improving rural livelihoods, renewable and hydro energy, social development, women development and economic development programs. During her work with the AKRSP, she also led field research in the region focusing on the quality of life assessment, socio economic survey, poverty scoring survey and the labor market assessment. She has a good understanding of a number of analytical tools and frameworks for both field monitoring, result based management and field researches and also an experience of qualitative and quantitative field researches on gender, hydro and renewable energy, women economic empowerment, institutional and market development, livelihood in emergencies and youth development. Before joining the AKRSP, she had worked with a Norwegian funded NGO (CIADP) where she contributed to the overall wellbeing of women in accessing safe drinking water and better education and health facilities. Shumaila is a strong believer in just and equitable development and is interested specifically in development of mountain and rural communities. She has a strong inclination towards field researches and aspires to learn new cross cutting methods during her stay in the U.S.

Host Organization: American Red Cross

Role at Host Organization: Shumaila will support a 2 year grant-funded project on Organizational Learning, conducting literature reviews of key learning questions, writing summary reports of program evaluations and supporting the dissemination and utilization of knowledge products, lessons learned, and evaluation findings.