Salma Necib has three years of experience in the nonprofit and corporate sectors, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Higher Institute of Management in Tunis (ISG). While working as a Product Owner with Keyrus for Orange Telecommunication client in Tunisia under Digital & Customer Experience Business Unit, she helped create a new digital revenue stream through the development and implementation of an e-commerce and content management solution in two pilot countries. Salma has also worked as a Project Manager of Selfcare Omniflow, which was the first proprietary software of Keyrus. Previously, Salma volunteered with AIESEC and was responsible for developing partnerships between AIESEC entities and promoting cultural exchange awareness. She has also been selected several times to represent her country’s exchange programs and volunteering opportunities in many countries including Switzerland, Bulgaria, and Morocco. Through these varied experiences, she has developed strong skills in leadership, public speaking, innovation management, product strategy consulting, customer experience, youth empowerment, and social entrepreneurship. Salma enjoys designing human-centered solutions, especially for emerging industries, including circular economy and sustainable mobility.

Host Organization: Village Capital

Role at Host Organization: At Village Capital, Salma will serve as the Startup Ecosystem Fellow: supporting Village Capital’s relationship with the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator with an aim of creating fans and advocates of IBM’s technology and approach with the fintech, health tech, insurtech, and regtech startup communities.