Rokaya Jamaly is a Youth Empowerment Specialist from Morocco. She has graduated from the Faculty of Science and Technology, Hassan 1st University with a Master’s degree in Engineering Sciences – Option Quality Engineering. During her 9 years of experience, she has spent more than 7 years serving as a volunteer for non-profits and over 4 years as an employee in the nonprofit sector. While working as a Nonprofit Projects Coordinator, she has led 15 one-shot actions within a national program aiming to promote volunteering amongst the Moroccan youth. Said program was implemented in 5 regions of Morocco in coordination with 22 nonprofits. As an employment adviser in the framework of the UMER project (Mobile Units for the improvement of employability in rural areas) – GIZ, GFA Consulting and ANAPEC (National Agency for the Promotion of Employment and Skills), Rokaya has worked in 3 regions. She has also worked as a Professional integration manager in a local nonprofit called Nahda in the framework of the Danish Arabic Partnership Program led by OXFAM. During those experiences, Rokaya has worked closely with under qualified youth. Her main task was to support them until they found jobs through job search workshops and soft skills sessions. Afterwards, Rokaya started a program in partnership with a Talent Acquisition and Digital Marketing Agency, and a call center where she developed a Training program aiming to recruit underqualified youth within the call center. Later on, she became an account manager within the same agency. Currently, Rokaya is a Product Manager in Digital Place, a Digital Transformation Consulting Firm operating in Consulting, Digital Marketing, and Training. The product she is managing is, a national platform aiming to reinforce and promote skills.

Host Organization: SAP

Role at Host Organization: At SAP, Rokaya will serve as a Project Manager for Digital Skills: Rokaya will be working closely with SAP colleagues and implementing partners of the program, preparing communications assets (including but not limited to newsletters, visuals, social media posts, emailers) and reports, managing and updating the social media accounts and website, creating and managing volunteer opportunities, and more.