Niccolò Martelli is a twenty-three-year-old who obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Florence last October. He has an excellent certified knowledge of the English language and a good knowledge of Spanish; qualities that allowed him to follow an Erasmus semester abroad in Sweden where he expanded his knowledge in the business field. Although his academic background is strongly aimed at a company, Niccolò has always been interested in the nonprofit sector, as shown by the two years he spent serving as a free volunteer at the UNITALSI Toscana Association. His role at the association is to cooperate in the production of theatrical performances where the actors are disabled people of all ages. The meetings for the staging of the show also have the role of sensitizing spectators on topics such as the removal of architectural barriers, the human rights to which disabled people are entitled and the preservation of the environment. Niccolò is also strongly interested in journalism and in his spare time he devotes himself to writing articles on current events and the environment, which he publishes on a blog created by himself so that it will become an integral part of his future work.

Host Organization: Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights

Role at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights: At Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, Niccolò will further the Workplace Dignity Program, a new initiative building on Robert F. Kennedy’s legacy. He will have the unique opportunity to define and implement innovations to achieve more respectful and dignified corporate workplace cultures and will join a team responsible for strategy development, training development, and ongoing learning.