Saba’neh has eleven years of diverse experience working for Relief
International, an international non-governmental organization as a programs
manager, Palestinian Cellular Operator Jawwal in the Project management and
the strategic planning unit, in addition to Teaching at the Electrical Engineering
department in BirZeit University. Saba’neh was a DAAD scholarship holder and
earned a very good standing M.Sc degree in Wireless Communication Engineering and
Excellent standing B.Sc degree in Telecommunications Technology. Saba’neh works as the Head of the Technical Development Directorate at the Palestinian Higher Council for Innovation
and Excellence. Her responsibilities vary from evaluating projects, overseeing the incubation
process of startups, leading the discovery of young innovators from schools and universities
and building a strong innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Palestine. Throughout her
work she has developed a diverse character with strong leadership, management, and operational skills along with the solid technical background. Fostering and integrating innovation
in various sectors and fields for better economy is Saba’neh’s main focus while empowering
youth and women empowerment is of her main interests as she is an alumna of Techwomen
mentorship program 2015.Saba’neh enjoys voluntarism and traveling.

Host Organization: IBM

Role at Host Organization: Nadiah will work closely with the Corporate Service Corps (CSC) Program
Manager in Armonk on a number of projects to support the ongoing operations and deployment
of CSC teams, in addition to developing new models for community engagement.