Mays has six years of experience in the nonprofit sector and graduated from Birzeit University in Palestine with a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics. While working as a media coordinator and fundraiser with Good Shepherd Youth Club under the USAID-funded “Partnership with Youth” program, she focused on empowering youth, promoting quality education, professional development, and job skills. She helped youth become community leaders and active, informed citizens. Mays also started a private practice to assess, treat and evaluate patients and help translate the science of nutrition into everyday understandable information about food. As a community nutritionist and educator for rural areas in Palestine, she helped raise awareness of maternal and child health through workshops and by using the power of social media. Through these experiences, Mays developed strong skills in community-based projects, including nutrition, health, media, and youth empowerment. She has a strong passion for the arts and sports. Mays believes in the power of community and the will of its youth to achieve positive change.

Host Organization: 1,000 Days

Fellow role at 1,000 DaysMays will work to strengthening 1,000 Days advocacy and communications efforts to prioritize investment in maternal and child nutrition programs worldwide. She will support efforts to mobilize new resources and improve policies for global nutrition programs from donor and country governments, including supporting several global advocacy initiatives and campaigns.