Malek has more than six years of experience in the nonprofit sector in North Africa and earned a Master’s degree in Applied Sciences and Technologies from the University of Science of Carthage. For the previous four years, Malek has been managing operations of projects in Libya, Tunisia, and Morocco, making sure all projects meet their intended scope, budget, and timeline. Most of these projects aimed to assess the needs and living conditions of vulnerable groups, such as migrants and refugees, children, and communities affected by war. The output of these projects provided precise information and granular data on the humanitarian situation that more than thirty-six aid response agencies and decision-makers across the region used to know when, where, how, and what humanitarian assistance to provide to those in need. As an Operations Manager, Malek has also overseen talent acquisition, training, and integration of local staff. Prior to project operations management, Malek worked as a Senior Project Officer for six months overseeing the implementation of migration-related assessment on the border between Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya. Malek and the team of data collectors he was managing, collected more than four hundred surveys with migrants and refugees to understand their needs and integration process within the community. The output of this study was used by community stakeholders to integrate more than 20% of the refugees and migrants into the labor force of the area and by UNHCR for the resettlement of more than seventy profiles in acute need among them children and women. Malek’s main areas of interest are peacebuilding, child rights, and migration. His mindset of getting things done combined with his problem-solving abilities and teamwork skills are his main roadmap for tackling and positively contributing to these social issues.

Host Organization: CARE

Role at Host Organization: As a Supply Chain Fellow, Malek will support CARE’s supply chain transformation project and help drive key milestones. As one of the core team members, Malek will work with corporate partners and the senior team to review the organization’s supply chain to assess gaps, plan development, and prioritize needs. The Fellow will also support the implementation of supply chain policies and trainings across the organization’s different country offices.