Komal has seven years of experience in the technology and research sector, having earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Lahore University of Management Science. Her passion is educational technology, platforms, tools and techniques that leverage the power of the tech space to enhance educational learning outcomes both in academic and professional setting. She went onto to pursue a Master’s degree in Technology, Innovation and Education from Harvard and worked as a Head Teaching fellow for the computer science department at Harvard. Most recently she has worked in various capacities in building globally implemented technology projects in various sectors like oil and gas, health, education, and airline industry both as a Project Manager and Technical Team lead. She is apart from doing technology consulting at various levels also teaching undergraduate courses in game development and mobile application design at the local university and is involved in faculty training at the institute.Through these experiences, she has developed a strong understanding of what it takes to build teams and the kind of training that is required for building efficient systems. She enjoys excellent research and problem solving skills learned through a number of years of research in academic institutes and the corporate world. She thrives at a good challenge in technology and education space, and has a strong passion for youth and student empowerment through the use of technology and connectivity, believing it to be the way for providing equal opportunities for all. Her current research interests lie in building cheap reliable hardware and software solutions for developing countries’ students that do not have access to the resources to work in the development sector and is looking towards tech giants to lower the cost of access to development tools and platforms available.

Host Organization: Microsoft

Role at Host Organization: Working as a Cloud Solution Architect Fellow, Komal will support the Cloud Solution Architecture team to drive the deployment of the Airband partner workloads into Azure, increasing their consumption of the platform by providing deployment guidance and supporting
development of the partners’ cloud adoption model.