Jenny has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector and earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications from Trinity Western University in Canada. As a legal coordinator of the refugee organization’s International Asylum Refugee Protection team, she tackles important issues with children’s rights, women’s issues, domestic violence and legal difficulties. Jenny has experience working with other major stakeholders, such as the United Nations Refugee Agency and Save the Children, to cooperate for refugees’ rights. Since refugees are the most marginalized people in Korea, resources are limited and helping them is a big challenge. However, Jenny has discovered many solutions on how to provide for the refugees’ needs. By connecting with other networks in the area where many refugees reside, she was able to provide them with proper support and assistance. She is passionate about raising awareness of the presence of refugees in Korea and has appeared on the news channel SBS, a major broadcasting in Korea, to inform how poorly refugee children are being treated under Korea’s limited social welfare systems. Moreover, Jenny’s proposal for a program wherein refugee women instruct culinary classes, teaching their own recipes to Korean citizens, was accepted and implemented by the Korea Women’s Foundation. Not only did the program provide a sustainable option for refugee women to generate their own income, but it also allowed the many Korean citizens who participated to learn about African culture and interact with the refugees as neighbors. Jenny is a very energetic, courageous and enthusiastic person, with a strong desire to put her experience to use working in the humanitarian field.

Host Organization: Meridian International Center