Constance Munyenyembe has five years of experience in the non-governmental/profit sector. She earned her Honors Degree in Business Administration from the University of Namibia. While working for Africa Agribusiness Academy as Malawi’s Country Manager, she has helped member businesses find new markets and new sources of finance for their agricultural products. As a Mandela Washington Fellow, in 2019 she co-started the Agribusiness Hub Africa Initiative. She has facilitated training for youth-led businesses in Malawi who have gained new knowledge on technologies and skills needed to expand their businesses. Through these experiences she has developed strong skills in business, mentorship and implementation. Constance enjoys focusing on topics of business/entrepreneurship and agriculture, with a strong passion for women and youth empowerment.

Host Organization: IFDC

Role at Host Organization: At IFDC, Constance will serve as a Business Development Fellow: Constance will work closely with the IFDC BD researching upcoming donor-funded projects, relevant IFDC past work in relevant countries and technical areas, and preparing marketing materials to assist in positioning IFDC within the market.