Becky brings over eight years of nonprofit experience working with numerous grassroots organizations in Kenya; implementing and coordinating community projects and programs; and serving in various leadership capacities as a researcher, educator, consultant and entrepreneur. After graduating from college, Becky worked with the Africa Medical Research Foundation (AMREF) promoting health awareness while mobilizing the community through training and income generating programs. Becky was also appointed to head a project in Korogocho, a shantytown in Nairobi, which focused on building a sustainable community venture. In 2004, having seen the enormous challenges faced by a growing nonprofit organizations, Becky positioned herself as an entrepreneurial management consultant, one of the few present in East Africa. Becky focuses on working with small and medium community organizations and enterprises to think creatively, to utilize innovative approaches in achieving their social mission, and to bring development solutions to the communities. Most recently, she was a research fellow at the Johns Hopkins Institute of Policy Studies, where she conducted research on new and innovative approaches the nonprofit sector was adopting in building sustainable funding mechanisms and the challenges faced. Becky earned her B.A. in community development from Daystar University, Nairobi, Kenya.

Host Organization: Service for Peace