Altaf is a digital marketing aficionado and bona fide Software Engineer with over seven years of diverse experience working in the for-profit, nonprofit and government sector. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from City University of Science and Information Technology in Peshawar, Pakistan. Last year, Altaf joined a team of entrepreneurs as CTO and helped them in developing an E-commerce store and formulating the online marketing strategy. In one year the store had over hundred thousand dollars in sales and it recently got incubated in the Government of Pakistan backed National Incubation Center Accelerator program. His Software Engineering background enables him to document, design, build, implement and manage large scale software development projects. Previously, at China Pakistan Economic Corridor project, he worked on conceiving, developing and implementing an encrypted project timeline monitoring and information relaying system. His nonprofit experience includes working on digital rights advocacy as an independent consultant for Digital Rights Foundation Lahore. Where he led a pilot project to build and manage a Right to Information web portal for District Government. For online fundraising, he built a digital ecosystem from the scratch for a nonprofit, Pehli Kiran School. Working in different sectors with his unique blend of marketing and development background, it has inculcated strong analytical skills, strategic thought process and leadership abilities in him. He plans to use his professional prowess to add more verticals to his personality and find an enabling environment where he can apply himself.

Host Organization: Eat Offbeat

Role at Host Organization: Altaf will act as the Technology & Digital Marketing Fellow to build proprietary technology to increase flexibility and improve customer experience. He will also work on designing and running digital marketing campaigns for its current product and testing campaigns for new products.