After a year of being in this fellowship, I have collected photos and poems about Winter in Chicago. Here are some of the memorable ones:

Beautiful winter night in the neighborhood. Wednesday weather, please be here again.


It’s a snowy MLK holiday! I should have been at the DuSable Museum, but the view from my back porch tells me to stay indoors and read Evicted by Matthew Desmond. It’s a book about poverty, housing, and social justice.


Dry and Cold


Oh, what a beautiful day to leave you, Chicago! I hope that by the time I go back to you, you will be as warm and beautiful as you are today. I will miss your cold ways.


Chicago Winter Weather Advisory: Snow Occurring


Looks like one big fridge! This is how the heavy snow occurrence can turn this city. Can someone pull the plug…so we all can defrost?


Foggy morning,

Snow is melting,

Clouds are forming

For tonight it will be raining.



Chicago weather is fascinating…it’s sunny, it’s windy, and in a matter of minutes the city is covered in snow white mantle, again!


Chicago is too dull and white for the springtime.