Democracy, Diversity, and Opportunity was the theme of the Virginia Resolution 2019. As an international delegate and Atlas Corps representative at the 2019 Global Pathfinder Summit, I was privileged to witness the Virginia 400th anniversary commemoration in Charlottesville Virginia.

The 2019 Global Pathfinder Summit was organized in partnership with the Presidential Precinct and presented by the University of Virginia. The Summit is a signature event of the American Evolution. It is with this background that this year’s event invited all attendees to actively engage in conversations about the future of democracy in Virginia and around the globe. The featured events at the summit also focused around programs and legacy projects that inspired us in so many ways.

The 5 days were well spent with ideas worth sharing. It gave me an opportunity to see where democracy, diversity, and opportunities live in Virginia. To be asked “what did you learn?” cannot be put into words because what I learned was something that can’t be explained. It was a great opportunity to be immersed with 150 rising leaders from over 50 countries. In summary, my five take away points would be: (1) Push the boundaries of your comfort zone and your comfort zone will grow, (2) Citizenship is a job – the most important job in a democracy, (3) Use your voice. And just as importantly, listen to others regardless of the age, experience and or background, remember, we all have something to learn from one another (4) Being vulnerable can be a beautiful thing that strengthens relationships (5) Being a good leader is willing to limit your own power. I will conclude by saying, the event was simply outstanding, transformative, a place of networking, and empowering.