All business either for profit or non-profit have a social impact, but this is determined by how an enterprise measure and improve their social impact.
Having a clear mission is the first step to analyze the kind of products or services business will produce.
This webinar is intended to guide growing business on how to run their business effectively with the little resources they have and make a significant improvement in society. Also, you will be able to assess the impact of the product your business offers and see if it creates a positive for negative impact.

Four steps:

  1. Step one: Mission statement
    Be clear with your business mission, product, and goals. A clear mission statement helps you to be focused and come up with strategies that are geared toward social impact.
  2. Step two: Product– Identify your needs assessment and come up with an innovative human-centered solution for a given problem to make a long-lasting impact.
  3. Step three: Organizational structure
    Analyze the input and output of your leadership team and have a system in place to measure productivity, align their smart objectives with your mission statement.
  4. Step four: Investment
    It’s important to set aside funds which will be needed for future operations and growth of your business, this will help to attract potential investors

Action agenda to evaluate your social impact.

  1. Create a mission statement for your business.
  2. Identify your target market and where you think your social enterprise can have the greatest impact.
  3. Understand your organizational structure.
  4. Set aside funds that will help when you want to grow your business.