The youth play an important role in solving global problems in this modern society, they are considered strong forces in social movements. In my opinion, the role of youth in the future is to create a platform to amplify youth voices through mobilizing their peers, families, and communities towards positive social transformation in the society. Youths need to emphasize on the importance of unity, fighting for equality, exploitation, unemployment, poverty, climate change, conduct advocacy campaigns, and so on.

In Kenya, the number of youths is way greater than that of elderly people.  Anybody who is between the ages of 14-35 is considered a youth that makes 65%of the total population of the country, this should be great right?! there is energy, there is fresh minds, the youth are quick in adapting new technologies, their willingness to learn, and most of all their ambitious drive e.t.c. Having more youths in a society should be a good thing because it then means more energy to improve the economy of the country. Unfortunately, that is not the case, this is a sad situation. The government back home is trying to remedy the situation through providing opportunities to the youth.

Some of the ways of boosting youth opportunities are;

Through education, providing the youth with education will boost their competence in the job market.

Through entrepreneurship, people need to emphasize the need for youth to become self-employed.

Through grants, by providing grants or investment opportunities to motivate the youth.

Finally, although youths have long been leaders in social change efforts, today’s young people are increasingly supported in their work through various youth programs. Young people are often considered to represent the future as they bring new ideas and energy to add to the pool of knowledge that currently exists and with this argument I believe their role in future is very important.