Being an Atlas Corps Fellow has made me realise that my dreams are valid. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, they are valid and will come to pass if I just persist and don’t give up on the process.

Here are the stages I went through to become an Atlas Corps Class 34 Fellow.

1. 7 years experience invested in the non-profit sector

2. Selected among over 2000 applications received every year

3. Selected after a Skype interview with an Atlas Corps staff

4. Selected after two different interviews with my host organisation

5. A final visa interview with American embassy

This was the process that brought me here. It took one year and eight months to get through all the stages of the application. I persisted, I waited and I didn’t give up on the process. I followed through.

I will be in Washington DC for the next one year. I look forward to an amazing learning experience. I will enjoy every moment of my stay here. I will make every moment count. I will give it my best.

Welcome to a new phase Chris Chukwunyere. You deserve this. You have earned it. Grace and favour be with you. Keep being the light that you are. Your dreams are valid.

Have you applied to be a fellow? Stay persistent and give the process your best. You will forget about the rigours involved when you eventually become a fellow.

Are you yet to apply, now is the time to do so. Visit to apply.

I look forward to you becoming an Atlas Corps Fellow.