Your body at some point gives in and all you have to do is to let it have the rest it desires. Different time zones, jet lag, change of weather, all these factors can have a toll on you and so it did to me. “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me”. Jim Valvano. See my father would say this to me whenever I wanted to start doing something new or wanted to journey into new territory, he would say, “Nyamama chak achaka” translated “my daughter you have to begin from somewhere, just start doing it”. That morning I dreamt those words from my father.

My dream is interrupted by the urgent ringing of my alarm, stirring me to my goal. Grudgingly, I stop myself from hitting the snooze button and crawl out of my bed. Before stepping into a hot shower, I glance at my phone to ascertain the weather updates and match it with suitable clothing. The sun is out, oops, doesn’t happen much often. However, after a rude shock of chilly weather the previous day, I decide to carry a heavy sweater in case it is chilly later.

I am an Atlas corps fellow serving at Kiva which is about 40 minutes ride from my current residence. I must catch the bus to get to my destination. Two weeks working with this organization and I can honestly say that those who work in this office are truly creative minds, individuals freely expressing his or her opinion on issues from impact investing, partnership, social enterprise, refugee financial inclusion debates giving off an atmosphere of pure complete and absolute sense of belonging.

Initially, I got multiple offers from two amazing separate organizations, one based in New York and another based in San Francisco (Kiva). Honestly, if it were up to me, I would pick them both. Something about choosing between two great things that you like is that you have to give up one for the other. I am an ardent believer that the decision you make at a particular time might either result in a good or bad experience, but no matter what, it is always the best decision you made at that particular time given the odds. I am now one of them, “Kivan”, choosing the road less traveled and “Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance” Bruce Barton.

As I gaze into the sky, looking into yonder with questions that I don’t have an answer to, yet. I realize that this opportunity to serve is bigger than me, bigger than us. For now, I will keep walking, serving, pushing, breathe, exhale, dance as I wait to pass on the baton. Veni…

I can’t wait to “vidi” (I can’t wait to see).
Best Wishes