Atlas Corps is a global organization and community that holds racial equity, diversity, and inclusion as inherent core values to our work. While our community is inherently diverse, we understand that focused and intentional action is required to ensure our commitment is reflected in everything we do. We also recognize that this process is a marathon and not a sprint. Our long-range intention is to expand our efforts across our Community in a phased approach. We look forward to the growth ahead and keeping our Community updated on our annual progress. Thank you for your partnership and support as we commit to the sustained marathon of ingraining Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion into every aspect of our work.

Vision Statement on Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

(REDI Vision Statement)

Our REDI Vision is to cultivate and champion a community of global changemakers that values racial equity, diversity, and inclusion by deepening our intentional commitment in the opportunity areas of creating brave spaces, valuing voices, and living our values.

Opportunity Areas

Per our REDI Vision, Atlas Corps will focus on three opportunity areas in 2021 to deepen our intentional commitment and fulfillment of this vision:

1. Creating Brave Spaces: Pro-actively creating a safe environment to have conversations across differences and REDI related topics & issues. Staff and leadership will participate in learning sessions designed to increase their REDI knowledge and empower them to engage authentically, courageously, and respectfully internally and across the Atlas Corps community.

2. Valuing All Voices: Inviting and valuing all voices in the organization. Staff will participate in learning sessions that support the development and integration of  practices  that encourage and formalize all Team members to share and feel heard, including ways to share and celebrate diversity in all its facets. It is valuable to note that our Community will disagree and will have varying involvement in organizational decision making processes. This area we focus on creating space to share and be heard.

3. Living Our Values: Ensuring what we do at Atlas Corps reflects these previous commitments and REDI values. This area involves operationalizing our previous two goals into department strategies to maximize effectiveness. Measurable goals will be developed to monitor progress and keep this work at the forefront as we strategically think of what’s next in our sustained commitment to our REDI vision.