2020 is here! As the year unfolds, it’d be a great idea to think but most importantly to DO MORE, and BECOME MORE! We need a POSITIVE MINDSET to see the year ahead as a time to get our options clear, and strategically focus on our most important life-goals. Personal and Professional growth has become a culture for me: being more self aware, confident to pursue bold dreams, fluidity of thoughts, exposure, strategic relationships… as a result of this! Make a decision to invest in yourself and do what really makes you happy. The real progress is to take each day as new opportunity to KEEP MOVING towards your one-goal. Everyday is a clean slate. You have the pencil and paper in your hand, and only you(in collaboration with God of course) can write the story of the upcoming year. Expect a successful year but find the good in each and everyday no matter what the circumstances. Let me echo the words of Theodore W. Higginworth: “May your story be a year filled with positive happenings and successes, with dew erase marks and full exclamation marks”

Basically, in order to Do More and Become More, you need a bucket list of action plans for the year:

  • Identify only one goal
  • Break it down into “daily steps”.
  • Hold yourself accountable by having an accountability partner

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Fidelis Bonaventure Uzoma  has a Masters in Diplomacy and Strategic Studies. He is a leadership consultant, personal growth strategist and human capital development professional with over six years of experience within the training and leadership development sector in Nigeria. Fidelis is the Executive Director at Diplo-Age where he designs, coordinates, and manages capacity building projects, talent acceleration, career readiness, and professional development programs for start-ups, entrepreneurs living with disabilities, college graduates, corporate organizations, NGOs, and educational institutes. He is also as a founding member of Youth Aid Development Foundation (YADF), a nonprofit that provides economic empowerment opportunities, job assistance, and psycho-social support programs for at-risk youth and persons with disabilities in Africa. He currently serves as an Atlas Corps Fellow at the Obama Foundation, Washington DC, working with the International Team in designing, developing, and deploying high-impact leadership programs in Africa, Asia, and Europe.