The jasmine revolution in Tunisia was initiated by young people who have long stood at the forefront of this social justice revolt, went out to the streets and screamed for “Freedom”, “Employment” and “Dignity”.  9 years after the revolution the expectations of these young people did not meet their realities as the unemployment rate rose from 13% in 2010 to 15% in 2018, freedom and democracy seems only to produce political instability and, frustrated, a high rate of young people are either fleeing the country or easily being exposed to violent extremism.

Youth plays critical roles as drivers of development and achievers of the country’s social change which is why it is crucial and important to invest in them.

How can we ensure the power and capability of the upcoming generations?

  • Find young innovators and support their passion and entrepreneurial mindset

Young people have a wide range of skills that can positively turn their current situations but the problem is that there is little attention and focus on these youth led social innovative initiatives and young people don’t feel trusted by those who are in the perfect position to help implement and support their ideas.  Against the failure of the government in providing jobs and employment opportunities for youth, spreading and nurturing the innovation and entrepreneurial mindset among them would be a great way to fix and counter the major problems among those too often marginalized and give them the opportunity to strive ahead and be economically and socially empowered.

  • Raise pro-activity, empathy and generosity among youth

Most young people who are playing an active role in the social change and development in their communities have started by the simplest volunteering roles and showing empathy towards their surroundings. Encouraging and raising acts of generosity and empathy among youth can make a change and build many generations of ethical leaders and change makers.  

  • Work on  formal education

We all know that the road for a social, economic and political empowerment and development is education. It is the number investment in the future of a nation and it reduces the rates of marginalization, violent extremism and joblessness. Youth participation in education is a contributor in the preparation of young people as global citizens and it also introduces them to different learning platforms where they can reach their full potentials and be lifelong leaders.