One of the most exciting project that I am working on, during my Atlas Corps fellowship, is for sure Young Gamechangars program. The Young Gamechangers is an annual program that brings together approximately 30 young innovators, “doers” and thinkers, from across the state, to tackle a very specific policy challenge.

This year, in the focus of 2012/2013 class will be: “Re-visioning the future of Americus and Sumter County”. In light of longstanding challenges facing South Georgia, the Young Gamechangers will, working alongside local leadership, examine and revision the future of Americus and Sumter County, and propose new approaches for the town’s future success and sustainability.

Big-thinkers. Innovators. Creative-minded. Civically-driven. Those are the profiles of the people that we were looking for. Innovative thinkers from around Georgia and from multiple sectors, including business, law, public health, real estate, urban planning, the arts, non-profits, foundations and academia were encouraged to apply. Ambitious minds from any sector were considered to be the part of this program. After the selection process 30 successful young Georgians was chosen to represent the first class of this program. On November 16th and 17th this group will meet for the first time in the city of Americus and start with its work that will last over the course of next 6 months.

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