This weekend, my organizational launched an exciting leadership program in Americus, small rural city in South Georgia.  “A group of 25 young professionals from across Georgia began a seven-month program on Friday to tackle the re-visioning the future of southwest Georgia’s Americus and Sumter County.”

Who are Young Gamechangers?

Big-thinkers. Innovators. Creative-minded. Civically-driven. We are looking for innovative thinkers from around Georgia and from multiple sectors, including business, law, public health, real estate, urban planning, the arts, non-profits, foundations and academia.

During November 16th and 17th, 25 young professionals gathered to start their conversation and begin its work with the goal of presenting the action plan and specific recommendation for Re-visioning the future of Americus and Sumter County to the local authorities in Spring 2013. Participants were divided into three smaller groups and each one of them has been presented with the question which will be in the focus of their work in the next seven months. Following issues were posed to the first class of Young Gamechangers:

  •  What economic opportunities is Americus/Sumter County missing on?
  •  How does Americus/Sumter County become destination for the young, entrepreneurial and/or retirees?
  •  What is Americus/Sumter County’s story to the world?

Group was greeted by the Mayor of Americus Barry Blount, and in the next two days all participants had a change to interact with several local leaders and members of the community. Panelists and speakers helped the group to better understand the current situation in Americus and Sumter County, but also to get a feeling for things that might be improved in the future.

In Spring 2013 all participants will return to Americus to present their solutions and ideas to local leaders, relevant members of the community, representatives of the academia and to the media. In a meantime, they will work online in order to create and action plan and specific recommendations for each of above mentioned questions.

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