You’re a unique blend of the duality of life:  both strong and feeble, both myopic and eagled-eyed. Somehow, you stand at the  crossroad of nature and spirit, stuck in-between  absolute freedom and compulsory necessity; though time-bound but made for eternity. In love but sometimes wallow in selfishness. Filled with joy but saddened by life’s travails.

But You must keep living, growing, and loving.  Amidst this, You learn to be joyful in adversity, grateful in travails, loving in pain and happy in knowledge of untold victories. You must keep being hungry to find satiety in life; understanding discomfort as a precursor towards authentic success, and vulnerability as the gateway to true #greatness.

Above all, endure, nay ENJOY the vicissitudes of life and love; accept the perfect imperfections of living, and be grateful for the daily blessings received.

You are a story yet untold,  and the greatest reason for the mystery in the history of humanity: the union of creation and The Creator

You Matter!

Stay focused on the in-betweens and processes of life; therein lies the goldmine you’re looking for!


-By Fidelis Bonaventure Uzoma (Obama Foundation)