It is my first month since I arrived to United States to join other 21 fellows from different countries all around the world. How it happens to anyone who leaves his home country, a lot of feelings aroused. But, I was really curious about one issue, the logistics to bring all these people to the United States especially from countries in conflict zones. Since I knew I was accepted to the program, I began to sense the great organization ad professionalism of Atlas Corps Staff. I reflected how that extraordinary work and coordination are essential for the success of a project. Sadly, I can’t talk the same about my country Bolivia, one of the richest countries in natural resources but at the same time one of the poorest countries in Latin America, with so much bureaucracy and lack institutionalization that delays our development.

I had two amazing weeks in Washington DC where nonprofit global leaders exchanged opinions and projects. My view of the world really changed when I met so diverse and interesting people from different cultures, religions and perspectives. Since I was a child, my dream was to travel around the world, but I think I could do it through every history and project that my fellow fellows transmitted me. It was a tremendous learning to understand better the global issues we are facing in our world now, but at the same time to understand better the problems in my own country.


Now I am in Chicago working in my host Organization “Heartland Alliance International”. It has been a challenge to set up in such a big city as Chicago, but again the planning and the efforts of all of my host organization staff made my journey much easier. I had other two busy weeks with a lot of meetings, understanding all the structure of the company and all the different projects in many areas they are working in eleven countries dealing with the most challenging problems around the world. However, I felt overwhelmed and touched for all this suffering especially from the most vulnerable people that sometimes feels that it will never have an end. On the other hand, to see the compromise, hope and hard work of my team encouraged me to think that all together we can still build a better world.

Saludos desde Chicago!

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