Today is World Refugee Day, a day where  over 100 nations  honor the strength, courage and perseverance of  millions of people around the world who are displaced.Started by the UN Refugee Agency in 2001, World Refugee Day is held every year on June 20 to draw attention to the plight of refugees across the globe and now more than ever the plight of refugees and internally displaced persons deserves attention and action.

The theme for World Refugee Day 2018 is aptly: “Now More Than Ever, We Need to Stand with Refugees.” and we surely do; the United Nations revealed a record high of 68.5 million individuals have now been displaced worldwide due to war, poverty, persecution and other events.


While the numbers and this issue can seem overwhelming even to the point of creating feelings of hopelessness for individuals, you can still take action in a small way to honor and help affected people.  Here are some ideas:

  • You can donate even a small amount to refugee and migrant aid groups,(just do your research first so that you donate where your money can help most and goes directly to those who need it most on the ground)
  • You can participate in organised events in your areas to raise money
  • Share stories of refugees and help raise awareness and put human faces on the refugee crisis on your social media.

Also check out this cool article about refugee stats and where the world’s refugees are



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