Sooner i got my job with World Vision, neither did i knew that i will be working an office dominated by women who head the important departments contrary to what i used to witnessed, fortunately this had been the case due to their proven competencies and abilities to lead in such capacities and i had been their ambassador telling people who don’t know what was happening in our office and more exciting, i used to carry my thumb up as i will always be driven to the crowed banks preemies by a lady and i will see no one in town when i disembarked from newly acquired land-cruiser.

They say change is inevitable, hence we ought to change, or to be changed if we don’t change, or we if don’t necessitate changes. Well these thoughts are central in acclimatizing to what we are destining to change as this world has been inspired by extraordinary women of high integrity and some few i had felt in their companies are as pictured with me in the photo attached from United States and Zambia respectively who have done well in the International stage and they have extended their help to South Sudan, and i as working with them have learnt some thing out of them and they have my respect with regards to their contributions.

Yach with Becky and Ekwase

We read their contributions and achievements every day and some couples of years ago. As we are soon celebrating the International Day of Women, we have to reflect on some vibrant steps our women who are our wives, sisters, daughters in-laws or call them the language which might interested you. What they have done to change the mind-set of communities, cultures and traditions and taboos in some certain countries. Women in the twenty first century have emerged the models of changes, in governments, churches, private sectors and in the Non-Profit sectors.

While working for World Vision International in Yambio, South Sudan, I had witnessed some incredible surge in women leadership in that office and in departments which were headed by men, few years back to name a few such as Administration, IT, Finance, Head of Program in the state, and Resources Acquisitions.

These trends reflect the theme of how I can inspire change. They have inspired me through what they have done in the past to enable them take up the positions they are currently occupying and they are doing what can be proven to be realistic leadership and worth praising.

Momentarily I left Yambio, South Sudan and I arrived at Amir, a nonprofit organization based in Oakland California, I also met another passionate and intelligent woman who is the Program Coordinator for this organization. This again is inspiring because, these women have one thing in common which led them to such high prolific positions; They value human lives as like themselves, they are passionate of sharing their experiences and knowledge, They want to do their best in their life-times to leave good legacies, They love peace and hate pains and suffering and they have shown good examples, They are advocates of social changes in societies and in the international arenas.

Women as mothers of the respective houses have the courage to deal with whichever situations they faced and they are source of hopes and rebuilding stability in all countries stricken by conflicts. An example of this resilient is South Sudan where many women are widowed by the conflict and they have to bear with the consequences of leading a life without husbands who left many children and these women cared for them in hard times. This is encouraging and inspiring.

And as a result the women must live in peaceful environments where they will not be subject to violence. Because they are the most affected people in conflicting situations, as they face being rapes and many others abuses. They are inspiring because they care and they will always care for the most unfortunate scenarios.

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