Tips to increase your productivity working from home

Working from home can be amazing. Imagine having the chance to set up your own schedule, achieving a better work-life balance, and getting extra time avoiding the commute. Nevertheless, working from home requires self-discipline and the capacity to organize working hours in an efficient way in order to be productive and achieving your goals.

Spending many hours per day in front of the computer can be challenging, it is easy to get distracted with social media, news websites, etc. This can have a negative impact in your productivity, and can make you feel stocked in your work.

Some tips that can help you increasing your productivity working from home:

  • Get a schedule: It is essential to define what task are you going to do. A good idea is to spend some minutes per day to write down the activities you are going to do.
  • Set up a comfortable working place: Try to avoid working with the TV on, do not work on bed. Get a comfortable place without distractions, getting an appropriated chair, enough light and an adequate temperature is important.
  • Prioritize your most important tasks: When you plan your day, define which are the most important tasks and get those done first, this will give you a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction, then the following task are going to flow easily during the day.
  • Work and give yourself smalls breaks: alternating work with some brief breaks helps to improve your focus on tasks, increases productivity, and creativity. There are different techniques that promote this kind of work, one of the most famous is the Pomodoro technique, you can check it out on internet to have more insights.

Finally, remember to enjoy working from home, go for a walk, meet your friends, get some extra sleeping hours, work from the beach, or spend more time with your family. You have the chance to manage your time, and that is the biggest benefit of working from home, enjoy it!

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