Most of companies face problems with employees. There are several reasons for these problems but a lot of that work is related to the work environment from an employee’s perspective. Work environment encompasses work flexibility, an understanding of the needs of the work, and work appreciation. There are also issues related to the reason behind going to work, maybe due to the necessity of a salary or perhaps because there is no other option.

But how many persons go to they work every morning because they like it?

The first challenge may arise because individuals are not working in their field or, for the employer; it is how to the work environment is organized.

In simple question, how would an employer make employees feel like they are in home with friends?

Everyone works in different ways. If an employee doesn’t like the work that he/she is performing, he/she may still like the environment. That may enable a more positive perception of his/her work and will also enable creativity in the workplace.

The Google Company developed a model work environment


Employees are allowed to play Volleyball on Google’s campus




If you need haircut, you can have one on Google’s campus:



There are also swimming pools for exercise






There are even rooms for mothers and their children


The Google Company sets the bar very high, but its example enables us to think about how we can organize work environments within our own groups, projects, or initiatives.

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