I am a Woman Entrepreneur (I know that you can see that I am a woman, but I just want to stress on it). This is what I decided to be, and it is very unusual for me to define myself under any category, but I proudly choose to belong to this particular one. Not being conventionally successful and not making a lot of/enough money ‘yet’, is not what is going to stop me from believing that I am already one.

I do believe that being an entrepreneur is a journey that has ups and downs, and the height/ level where you stand (although it is often true), is not always correlated to your experience or previous success. You can go back and forth anywhere on your business evolution’s curve at any time if things turn differently than expected/ whished.

Today is the Women Entrepreneurship Day and for me it feels like my own National Day, The Day to celebrate my advocacy for “Women’s Entrepreneurship”. Today I feel proud but also still hopeful to see women empowered through entrepreneurship, not only because it will support them financially but mainly for the fulfillment that it brings to their lives, souls, creativity and families.

When I decided to become “legally/ on paper” an entrepreneur, back in 2012, I felt that it’s the right thing to do, and that’s what helped me to face all my fears as best one can and keep moving forward. Till today I never regretted putting an end to my corporate career and I won’t. When I look back to the last couple of years I do see a lot of evolution and improvement in me at all levels. Being an entrepreneur is being 360° exposed to development and change, and it’s worth it.

Happy Women Entrepreneurship Day!

By Safa Hajjaj @safahajjaj

Nonprofit Leader / Woman Entrepreneur / Atlas Corps Fellow from Morocco / Meridian International Center, Curriculum Developer / Link to my previous blog on #EndPoverty #Women in #Development



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