There is saying that if you invest in a woman, you invest in the whole village. This is so true because a woman re-invest in her business, ensure that her children go to school and moreso the girl child who is always looked down up in the African Culture and in some developed countries.
I recently attended a round table discussion by Vital Voices on “When Women Lead Africa” and I was totally inspired by the discussion. The question that I kept asking myself is why are we as women our worst enemies? If only we could come together and support other women who are vying for Presidential seats and leadership positions the world and I MEAN THE WORLD in totality will be a better place to live.
From the discussions, the discussant had researched and discussed how African women were leaders even before the colonialist; this was influenced and reinforced by their cultural values of persuasion, patience, and tolerance. In the African setting, the man always consulted the wife prior to making any decision.
Listening to the life story of Hafsat Abiola-Costella a Nigerian human rights, civil rights and democracy activist; Eva Muraya the Founder and CEO of Brand Strategy and Design (EA) Ltd; and Kah Walla an entrepreneur, political leader, and activist recognized internationally for her expertise in management, and commitment to Africa, its development, its women and its youth. It’s easy to conclude that it takes determination and hand work to be a leader in Africa. Leadership is also about network in the world and that the Western world needs to tap into the African women potential through empowering her, since it’s so difficult for a woman leader to function in a man society.
From their stories, these women have all gone through hardships and they used the hardships that they encountered to their advantage and build a better life for themselves and their children. They further retaliated that the influence parents have over their children can either make or break them

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