It’s a challenge to effectively manage a team. Project managers need to understand that people-related issues must to be at the heart of their agenda. They must keep in mind that some people-related issues can be resolved quickly, while others are totally beyond their control and can only be contained. A comprehensive project plan will not rely solely on the interpersonal skills of the project manager to ensure success in managing people. Instead, a comprehensive project plan will identify the concrete activities required to proactively manage all elements of the project team. These concrete activities will be implemented during the project implementation phase and will include the following:

  1. Set a broader timeline to accomplish the task
  2. Bi-weekly check-ins and track the agenda
  3. Provide support if needed
  4. Don’t leave them alone on a progress track

One of the challenges when managing a team network is ensuring that there is clarity regarding the roles, responsibilities, authority, and communication of different project actors. The art of successful manage big team also depends on the interpersonal and leadership skills of the project manager. The science of communication, however, is about planning and execution. Part of the science of good communication is to carefully identify the appropriate communication strategy in relation to the project’s size and complexity.