If you have difficulties losing weight, gaining muscle mass, or in general enjoying your life😁 This is all to blame cortisol.

You have heard this dull expression million times: “you need anti-stress activity”. Let’s be more specific. I will talk about the easiest – hugs.

Hugs change the chemical properties of the body as result they reduce cortisol.
Kissin or hugging your partner, the synthesis of OXYTOCINE increases, that is later released into the blood.

What to do: A 15-minute session of hugging with or without kisses significantly reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol.
What to do if there is no partner: find a pet 🐈🐕🐒 – it was shown that hugging a pet gives the same results as hugging people you love.

Oxytocin is part of a complex system of neurohormones, it is released by physical touch, it creates the foundations for cognitive, feeling of social well-being, strong emotional connections, and trust .. Boring? Well, it will also help you lose weight, lower blood pressure, fight diseases, increase libido, reduce stress and give you that feeling of comfort.

It’s important to truly enjoy the person you are hugging: the more oxytocin you release, the faster you release stress. Unwanted physical contact has the opposite effect, increasing cortisol levels, and stress. No loved one? There is another solution.

Oxytocin is a hormone associated with appetite, and is produced when we are full, and causes the brain and body to stop eating. Oxytocin is obtained by hugging, kissing and holding hands, it has the same effects as oxytocin, obtained with a well-balanced meal, as a result, you feel that you have eaten, and, therefore, are less likely to have a snack.

In the end, I will say something my friends are tired of me repeating. SLEEP! Sleep will help you lose weight, build muscle and recover. A high level of oxytocin at bedtime is associated with rapid falling asleep and quality sleep. WE ALL NEED IT 🙂