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“Organic” that became a very common word used with the fellows when refereeing to myself, things or people I like. They are right, they found out one of my passions!!

It all started in 2006, when I became closer to the agenda and members of Brazil’s Landless Rural Workers’ Movement, MST, joining a program for university students to understand better the reality and daily struggles of the population fighting for land reform and equality in rural areas. During almost one month there I got a chance to understand the perverse way of how the big corporations were acting and the importance of non-GMOs (Genetic Modified Organisms) food in fighting them.

GMOs are experiments done with what we eat (and some animals as well) in order to change their DNAs, that involves process that nature will not do it, full of chemicals and terrible for the environment.

The major representatives of GMOs said that could improve access of food worldwide because the crops would be pest-resistant and to survive herbicide use (let me put in another way, pesticides are poisons designed to kill and many stay in your body long after you ingest them). But it is very hard for me to believe that, if the people who started that were so committed to end hunger why we see every year more and more data showing how close we are to a worldwide hunger crisis? Despite the fact of so many regions that are already are going through hunger and malnutrition crisis that and you do not see the big ones doing much about it – OK, let’s be fair with some of them, they are using 0,001% of their profit to invest in some super advertised CSR project in some country everybody knows is very poor with some kids with big smile and weak body; sorry I do not buy it. For me they are just interested in making more money also because when you use GMOs you must use their chemicals as well, otherwise the crop will not grow – so not only they are making money “creating” the seeds but with all that is necessary to actually grow it.

I buy organic for many reasons, 1) they taste much better, oh wait, they taste something!! How many times have I eaten a “looking good” apple that did not taste anything? Or strawberries? Or Bananas? We are so used to artificial flavors that we forgot that food should taste like food. 2) I think nature knows what is good for itself, for how many centuries’ people were using local knowledge and techniques that few companies want us to forget. I am not saying I am against technologies, but I support new things to improve the quality not to increase allergens or toxins into the food supply. 3) I love to see the faces of the people involved in the production process and to realize I am actually helping communities by supporting their economic empowerment. 4) Fighting monoculture, basic knowledge from middle school: crop rotations and mixed planting are much better for the soil and environment and organic farmers not only know that but they must do that in order to not synthetic pesticides/herbicides. 5) Many studies show how they can be much more nutritious.

Just so you know, organic food may contain chemicals, but they are natural, things that have been used for centuries. Organic food is more expensive, but they are becoming cheaper and more common than you think, the more you buy cheaper can gets. Also the organic farmers can be challenged so “better technology could overcome the production gap, allowing organic methods to produce on par with conventional agriculture” (Christie Wilcox).

For me defending organic food is defending a more inclusive and sustainable world, and more important being aware of how much control companies have in our lives, and fighting it back 🙂

If you are interested, I would definitely recommend you to check some of these websites and watch this amazing documentary: “The world according to Monsanto” (

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