Asja Kratovic (Class 8), surrounded by her GeorgiaForward colleagues, led program immplementation.

Asja Kratovic (Class 8), surrounded by her Host Organization, led program implementation.

From global spokesperson to close encounters with poultry, Atlas Corps Host Organization Supervisors share their thoughts on the value of hosting a Fellow. In short, these global leaders infused new perspective into their Host Organizations, combined with a unique level of professionalism and managed to create a lot of great memories in the process.

According to our Host Organizations, Atlas Corps Fellows are (fill in the blank)

Networking masters in both off and online relationship.
“Joyeta’s enthusiam and passion for her work on the Global Housing Indicators and her efforts in keeping us informed on water and sanitation, gender issues, and alleviating poverty in slums. She represented Habitat for Humanity at the World Urban Forum in Naples, Italy. Her talent for networking and using social media has been obvious in all she does.”

-Jane Katz, Habitat for Humanity International

Monitoring specialists ready to share knowledge.
“Mikang has made a great contribution to Population Action International (PAI)’s research team. She is a bright, dedicated, and diligent team member. During her time at PAI, she managed two projects and relationships with grantees in three countries. She also acquired skills in budget monitoring and expenditure tracking, which she just shared in a successful half-day training for PAI staff that she co-organized and facilitated.”

-Suzanna Dennis, Population Action International

Program implementers with years of experience.
“Asja was invaluable to the organization. As a small nonprofit, Asja quickly became integral to developing and carrying out programs. She was most instrumental in designing and launching our Young Gamechangers program, to which she brought terrific experience from working on a similar project in Bosnia. One of my favorite anecdotes was….Beginning a long drive back to Atlanta through the South Georgia countryside, we were cruising along a back road, tired and silent. Suddenly, a wild turkey flew across the road in a blur, passing within inches of the car’s windshield. It brought much laughter and reminded me how far from home Asja was and yet also how much at home she was as well.”

-Amir Farokhi, GeorgiaForward

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