My journey in United States has finished, and once again I have to face my reality back in my country Bolivia. I just felt how hard sometimes will be to explain to some friends why I am coming back and why I didn’t decide to stay in United States. First, there are two kind of questions waiting for me once I arrived, the first one is: After working one year in Chicago, you should know a lot of things and you will be able to solve most of the problems in the country, I call these people the magician friend, they hope I do magic or they wait from me a lot of things. On the other hand, people see as a failure my return to my country, they don’t understand why I am coming back if I have a good job and so many experiences while other immingrants are trying for years to migrate and stay in this country. Those two kind of questions helped me to reflect with sadness sometimes how much we have work to change our mindsets and to have a more progress thinking. Here are my reasons why I am coming back to my country and why it is important to come back and work for a collaboration work.

First, the world is a multinational power and the rise of other power countries as China, India or Brazil have changed the USA unipolar power of the 20th century. But, United States is still the educational and technological power hub of the world, that is why we should exchange and learn from this country, but not to see it as the best or first place to stay.

Second, my country is a development country with a indigenous president, Not long ago, Bolivia was a focal point of political and economic instability, and while it remains South America’s poorest country, much has changed. Though there is still much poverty, the economic transformation is widely visible, in thriving urban markets or in the new tractors tilling land where farm animals pulled plows not long ago. This is a opportunity to invest and be part of the change of my country, with a different and global approach to change

Third, the work in my country has more impact than doing it in another country. The need of new skilled professionals with a global vision are a real need.

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