“We always do Atlas Corps training the first week of September, it’s your holiday that keeps moving around!”

It is true. All Jewish holidays fall at different times every year because the Jewish calendar is based on the moon instead of the sun, therefore it does not align itself with the regular calendar. This past week, we all participated in Atlas Corps Global Leadership Lab. As always, it was great catching up with old fellows and meeting the Neo’s.

Last week was also Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), I attended services at Sixth and I, the rabbi’s speech actually strung some cords and I took away 3 main concepts that are worth sharing:

1)   “Do you believe in g-d?” is not the right question to be asking

He posited that whether people believe or do not believe in g-d does not really change or affect them on a daily basis. In essence, it doesn’t really matter what someone believes, but that they are constantly searching and open.

2)   The question to be asking is: “Who/what do you serve?”

In other words, what is your purpose in life., your mission. Just like organizations have mission statements, people should have personal mission statements. We are all on this earth for a limited amount of time and we must make the best and most of it. You can serve g-d, your family, your patients, mankind, etc. This is right up the Atlas Corps family’s alley, because we all serve!


“Better curious and sorry than not curious and always unsure!”

3)   Leaving space for spiritual curiosity

We all believe, falter in our beliefs and believe again. It is a constant journey and one to cherish and appreciate. We all question our beliefs at some point or another and this is not negative. There is room for spiritual questioning, searching and finding.

I’ll leave it at that, but please comment on the three concepts I just summarized.



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