It is true that the word leadership conjures in mind someone seating at the top of an institution. This myth about leadership is  misleading. A  leader is someone who brings creative solutions to problems in communities and by so doing drive a positive change in an attempt to make the word a better place. Leaders often find themselves in the heart of change and this change can be in business, politics, health and societies. The major role of a leader is to help communities, societies and organizations to navigate change by helping people find better  ways of doing things. Addition to helping people navigate challenges,a leader also need to build the capacity to influence others in other to reach a common goal, complete a mission and create new ideas while taking into consideration the interest of all. We as non-profit leaders often find ourselves in complex and dynamic situations and we must consider multiple factors in solving those situations we come across. Leaders work with different groups of individuals with competing interest and our actions as leaders where ever we find ourselves must be in line to minimize conflict. A good leader is known by his ways of understanding that Today’s solution is Tomorrow’s problem. This brings us to the idea that solutions to problems are short-lived and we as leaders must always be ready to adapt as situation changes

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