The three questions might be the ones that you have to answer for the most times in your life. To make it shorter, FIVE FACTs of Atlas Corps Fellow might be the sentences that you’ve repeated most since you arrived in the United States. Those are very simple questions and sentences but still need you to reflect every time before you saying them.

Who are you? Where are you from? Where are you going? Maybe it’s time to find out, maybe it’s time to explore a bigger world, maybe it’s time to test your confidence and live with new situations. All starts from the year of Atlas Corps Fellowship. During the first couple of days after you arrived, your senses might be on overload. You might live with excitement for exploration combined with homesick, and you don’t have time to realize your tiredness. Lucky you have a bunch of fellow fellows who are always standby, help you, cook for you, hang out with you, making you feel that even you have left your family a thousand miles away, you gain a new big international family here in the U.S. What’s more, you even got a family plan on your mobile.

The family sense increases when you do not need to check the metro map anymore, but directly go to the line toward Green for the north. The belongingness increase when you pull the bus stop string without listening to the broadcasting but by the sight of the building that you are going to. The living sense increases when you know which section you need to go to find your grocery.

Besides home, there is a big world out there!

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