“Are you sure you can survive without a car in US?”

When I firstly told one of my American friends in Korea that I would go to US as a fellow, she said that I wouldn’t survive without a car. I didn’t agree with her point at that time, since I thought US was a developed country and had perfect public transportation system.  However, now I don’t understand myself why I wasn’t able to understand her.  Even American told me American situation, but I didn’t believe.  Haha.

She was half right and half wrong. If you stayed in city, such as New York and Washington D.C., you wouldn’t need a car.  However, if you don’t live in the city, you should need a car.  Me?  My area is the State Connecticut where is 1 hour away from New York.  I would say this is residential area and is needed a car.  You should call a taxi company if you’d like to take a taxi.  To commute to the office, I have to take a train and to transfer to a shuttle.  The shuttle is operated by our office building owner and runs twice in the morning and in the afternoon each.  If you miss the shuttle, you should call a taxi or ask colleagues to get a ride.


The very residential area! Connecticut

The very residential area! Connecticut

It is true that I feel tough every day. On the other side, but I feel like I experience very ordinary and real American life styles.  Ah. There’s another one of real American life I was so interested in.  Many people own cars but don’t have laundry machine in their house.  They go to laundry shop by car!!  Am I the only one felt interesting? ;0

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