NEXUS: In Larry Fink’s landmark letter as CEO of BlackRock, he challenges companies to “ask themselves:  What role do we play in the community? How are we managing our impact on the environment? Are we working to create a diverse workforce?”

These were the igniting thoughts that resonated the most during my three day at the NEXUS Summit in United States Institute of Peace at Washington DC. During the SUMMT I had a chance to meet some incredible people from across the globe sharing about diverse topics from healthcare, technology to human rights and importance of perseverance.

While I interacted and exchanged thoughts with so many people during the interactive session, I had a chance to listen to the stories that really empowered people and touched the soul.

This was the best thing about the NEXUS event for me. Learning what empowered people to look beyond usual. What ignited the fire within them to look beyond the mountain and seek the light that shows them the path to the glory of serving communities. While I was hustling around to ensure that all sessions go as planned and speakers are ready in the green room, in the moments I remembered what our real purpose is to be here, what are the odds of coming across someone who own a company by your name? or someone who’s been working tirelessly for years to may this world a better place.

One of the most important lessons I learned during the summit is the importance of perseverance- and how it derived Kyle and Brent Pease to compete in Ironman triathlon competitions across the country, with Brent pushing and pulling Kyle the entire 140.6 miles of swimming, biking and running.

Kyle and Brent Pease at NEXUS DC 2019

I had a chance to meet and speak with Brent and Kyle about what inspired them to take part in the Ironman overlooking the challenges of restrictive movements due to spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. He explained perseverance is the key, if you’re passionate about something just go grab it and keep working towards it until you don’t get it. Perseverance is the force behind this awe inspiring journey and showing light to many others especially differently abled individuals to follow their passion.

I’m thankful to Atlas Corps for giving me this opportunity.