The most challenging thing is to let yourself know that from Where to Start? There are thousands of ideas everybody has them in mind, a lot of things every person wants to do but how would you take them out of their mind. This is a big problem which can be solved by noting it down, I was once quoted by my Professor during my MBA; “Write it down!! Human Brain cannot remember everything”.

I will talk about the topic which has stopped many people in the middle and not moving forward. Every time I have any idea in my mind the next thought comes into my mind is how to implement it and Where do I start? Because that is the step which will take you forward, there is another famous quote about it; “Ideas are a Dime a Dozen, but People Who Implement them are Priceless”. In my view this is something so true, everybody can think of thousands of ideas but until unless We don’t try to implement them there is no use of those idea. I would like to highlight few simple steps through which anyone would be able to know Where do I start;

  1. Visualize – First step is to visualize your idea or anything you want to start (it might be scary or frighten you but don’t let it influence you)
  2. Research – Secondly, do your research and go to the depth of it. (You may find out some surprising facts which could be good or bad for you)
  3. Goals – Thirdly, based on you research set your goals.
  4. Plan – You need to plan that How you can achieve the set goals and write down everything.
  5. Implement – Implementation is the most important task because if you are don’t implement It will never start.
  6. Consistency – Last but not the least, Be Consistent! and keeping moving (You will find a lot of difficulties but do not turn around or take a U turn)

Above are few points which will make it easier for you to start anything you want to do in your life. So, Do not Wait and Initiate!!