You matter! Everyone was created unique and I believe that when these unique abilities are put to play, we can achieve a lot. However, sometimes you find yourself wondering why everything you do is not working. No matter how much you try, things always go wrong. What is funny is that while every time you try and things don’t turn out well, others seem to be succeeding and attracting media attention. Relax, the media only focuses on the end results and not the journey. Focus on that journey and let others’ successes remind you that, you can also make it.


Remember that temporary failures are just about creating your own original story and everyone has failed several times. Perhaps, we should learn how to ask the right questions. Get to know the challenges of those who achieved as well as their successes.


Focusing only on the successes will prevent you from following your own path. When you know the complete story of those who succeed, you might as well find out that you give up at the point of breakthrough. It’s equally important to define your own success by asking yourself questions: Where are you right now? Where do you want to go? This will help you measure your own success and avoid the temptation of doing things aimlessly. When you succeed, you will be able to share your story and inspire someone else.


Finally, put your unique abilities to play, learn from those who have made it, define your own success, create that success story and share it with others. Remember that at the right time; it will happen.