Great Persian Poet Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi once said what you seek is seeking you !! This quote kept on rattling my mind during a ceremony attended by the world’s most exciting change makers that included philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and impact investors who all have gathered on the platform of Nexus Global Youth Summit in New York City.

Nexus is a global movement of more than 2,000 young people from over 70 countries working to increase and improve philanthropy and impact investing by bridging communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship. Founded in 2011, Nexus puts the hope and promise of young people on the world stage by bringing leaders together at summits around the world for dialogue, education, and collaborative problem-solving. The network collaborates to advance the potential of next generation leadership across nations and sectors as well as to bridge communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship. Its members include hundreds of the world’s most influential families.

It was one of the most diverse and interesting gathering of the people including professionals from almost every field of the work i.e. doctors, scientists, technologists, lawyers, engineers, agriculturists, nonprofit leaders, peace activists, social workers, educationists, educationalists, athletes, volunteers, students, actors, film directors and the list goes on. The best thing about the summit was that every single person cared for a certain global issue ranging from poverty to agricultural, education, unemployment, homelessness, climate change, accountability and transparency etc. and each soul present inside the hall has impacted the lives of others in a positive way.

Breakout Session 101

Participants discuss impact investing strategies during a breakout session at the United Nations Headquarters, New York.

Everyone was ready to share his/her experiences, work-related achievements and ideas to spread the message as much as possible just to make sure that all of them can take advantage from others no matter how much or how less. Since I have volunteered to moderate breakout sessions on diverse topics so it was a very good opportunity for me to learn in how many ways we can promote social entrepreneurship and help people better their lives by taking small steps. One of the most interesting breakouts that I moderated was on impact investing strategies – a new concept for me – and the room was packed with participants eager to share their views and learn best practices and techniques ranging from capital preservation to market-competitive, and a spectrum of social and environmental outcomes depending on sector, theory of change, business model, and target beneficiaries.

Plenary Day 1

Participants of Nexus Global Youth Summit attend the first day of plenary at the United Nations Headquarters, New York.

The most amazing experience was to witness everyone trying to help each by quoting examples, giving logical arguments and presenting practical models for the sake of sharing as much knowledge as they could during the one-hour session. And it did not stop here as soon after the conclusion of the breakout, people were reaching out to each other to exchange knowledge. This enthusiasm not only impressed me but also triggered a new idea in my mind that how effective are exchange programs that bring people together from diverse regions, backgrounds and professions, and provide them opportunities to know each other. The power of knowledge is the most powerful connecting tool I have ever come across as when two people seek each other for mutual exchange of ideas for common good, the universe conspires to make it possible and brings them together in one way or the other.

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