“I don’t trust bankers and I don’t want to investment even one Sudanese pound in the banking system: they are criminals, liars, who make money out of nothing.” Ali, a friend and colleague of mind, always told me this. I’m neither a revolutionary nor happy with this fact, I believe that everything has a positive and negative side, and think that the one who can work on strengthening the positive side and use it to decrease the negative part is genius. If you want to understand what has happened in Egypt, Tunisia and the rest of world, it is the same exact thing that happens on Wall Street. When money was suddenly placed in commodities instead of paper, the one who spends 20% of his monthly income on food is now is spending 40% to 50% of his income and nothing left over for other expenses (health, education, housing…etc.). People in the other part of world were driven mad; their wealth had been stolen, some people woke up in the morning in a home that no longer belonged to them. (See Here) As an Atlas Corps fellow, you are in a better position to observe more, when you look at your bank account on a monthly basis and see in your transaction list 12 dollars was taken out as a maintenance fee, because your account is down that rate of exemption from this fee. When you see people taking money out –and every transaction you make without looking at the condition and support that you are getting from Atlas or our host organization in the nonprofit sector leader. At that point you will recognize this battle between two sides of the social economic system.

People today are enjoying cheap fast food, cheap clothes (Walmart), and I know we all have been forced to go there. Today we all enjoy the taste of chocolate, but the reality of chocolates is that 70% of cocoa production is based on child labor and child trafficking(seeHere). When you eat something you have got to know that the food that gives us joy is the pain of other people (you will miss your mom’s food that food that was made out of love). Consuming any types of products that is made out of exploitation and unjust working conditions, can be felt. Today, millions of jobs have gone and no longer exist; people have to find new jobs in the west, and in other part of the world, multinational cooperations continue practicing all types of labor abuse, child trafficking, and even selling human beings as commodity. Yet when these entities fall down people behind them can get away with what they have done because they are not responsible for what this multinational company did to poor people.

Marie De Cenival, a Heartland Alliance International program adviser, was chatting with me last week during HAI’s annual retreat which was intended to decentralize the structure of the international part of Heartland Alliance to reach more people who are suffering around the globe. We were talking about Ramadan, and she believes that the fasting of maybe 80% of 1.6 billion Muslims around the world has no impact on the economy or prices of goods.

However, if you would like to do something to stop this and save our planets, first of all, move your money to somewhere zero amount of money will be taken from your account during transactions; Be a vegetarian if you can’t afford to buy organic food, rather than eating meat made out of animals who are forced to eat meat of others animals; Support companies that are more socially responsible; if you want to fly, find out which airline is treating its laborers fairly and giving them enough money to help them and their families; buy your food from where people are treated equally and in good working conditions. As we don’t want to be mistreated- don’t support the injustices that the economic system delivers. Clean your house and clean your life from this thing built on social and economic injustices.

I want to end by quoting Bob Marley (Free your mind from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind, have no fear of atomics energy cannot stop the time) how shall we can stay aside and look, but some say we have got to fitful the book.

Change your perceptive change your world, Salam Alkim from Chicago.

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