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“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.” ~ Mary Anne Radmacher

We all get tasks done anyway, but statistics and experience has shown a higher productivity for people who run with deliberate, clearly defined goals. So it is with giving. You give back to people and the society in many ways but mostly out of volition, and sometimes for self validation or personal satisfaction. We give when it is convenient. However, not only is it more fulfilling, there is a measurable impact derived from a deliberate, calculated, purposeful act of giving.

We are surrounded by needs, some within our means to meet, but many only in our dreams. You can only do so much to meet needs within your means, but you need a greater push to meet the needs within your dreams. You need more than just goals – you need vision.

VISION: A vivid mental image, especially a fanciful one of the future. The act or power of imagination.

I was challenged by my life coach to put real monetary figures and time value to the needs around me that I long to meet and work towards achieving them. I finished the almost 60 minutes call. I was overwhelmed. Time? Money? I barely have enough to spare. Why should I go out of my way for others? I could just continue the little I do here and there and I would still be fine. Two days later, pondering over his words, I gave it a try. All the people, projects and causes close to my heart that I have always wanted to invest in if only I had the time and money to attend to,  and some that I need to invest in by principle, I carefully listed and, swallowing hard, wrote a reasonable figure or time allocation for each, without exaggeration or mediocrity.

As I began to write, I felt a wave of relief and satisfaction. I ignored the alarm in my mind trying to calculate and analyse the required investment I would need to meet these obligations. I emptied my heart and walked away from the note. As time passed after, I began to feel different in a great way. I felt a positive energy well up in me. The fear of the total figure on the note brought prayers to my mouth instantly. I started praying. There is ‘no way’ I could achieve all I have written with my strength and my current realities; but then that is the same strength and reality I have lived with for a long time, and it has not changed. So I thought, this is the way to change it. This is the way to improve myself as a leader. Wow! And I prayed even more. It was instinctive, more evidence that I have done the right thing. This is bigger than me, and yes, this is my new reality. This realisation became my motivation to run, and my call to prayer.

I challenge whoever is reading this to take a bold step and make a commitment. It is not so much about the Volume of your giving, but the Quality. In quality you know capacity, because if your are diligent with a little, you will be with more. When you do this, you are not actually giving back to the society – you are giving to you what you can’t give yourself unless you aspire for more than you. So…WRITE THE VISION!

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