He peered through the window as the plane descended towards the airport. The ground seemed to slowly yawn and stretch itself towards him and all he could see was white, a persistent cold white of the snow that covered the landscape. Was this new place going to be his new home? This complex tapestry of Midwest culture, nuances, faces, sights, demands and expectations? Home to him was comfort, and safety and warmth but now he had to find home in unfamiliarity. Or did he have to find home in his unwavering resolve and determination to do everything to make the fellowship a success?

On some days, he would daydream about home in Africa, listen to music from home, call home, look at the trinkets from home or simply talk about home. But he soon found that even the sweetest memories were at best a memory and at worst a distraction from the challenge at hand. What then is home? His life of toil and travel, adaptation and change has made him wonder if warmth, comfort and familiarity are bedrock values in this life. So what is home? Many stories of success and breakthrough show that people grow best in the least comfortable situations that stretch their bodies and intellect to the limit. And people have emerged from trying times wiser and stronger than before. Home is that which tests us, that which makes us grow and that which brings out the capabilities we never thought we had. But how many will gladly trade their comfort zones for the rough and uncertain waters of change and discomfort?

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